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Through The Center Connect we come together to fellowship
and focus upon our journey. We welcome each and everyone.

The Center Connect is a non-denominational religious community, open to all who seek individual devel­opment, who are open to new ideas to connect with humanity, and wish to build their spirituality, develop their talents and gifts, and become creative and innovative.

We will help establish and define one’s gifts and talents, and help the individual connect with some of the possibilities with which they struggle. Through a strong foundation in biblical principles we encourage and nurture our members to understand their individual uniqueness and the reason for being. There are values in each of us that can harness our ability to develop creativity and innovation.

By meeting in both groups and individually, we are able to determine and define one’s specific areas of knowledge, talent, and skill — and direct these gifts toward learned behavior. After we have determined the abilities of an individual, we can begin applying their individual creativity and innovation to build one’s career.

There are many benefits available to registered members. There are volunteer programs to create opportunities to develop individual talents and skills. We help build careers when we have observed the unique gifts of the individual and, if we see business viability, create avenues to a business career.

Join us and start taking advantage of our programs (please register below). We have setups for beginners and intermediate and advanced levels.

Center Connect Member Benefits and Missons

  • Bible Discussions, readings and Reflections — Summary
  • The Daily Inspirational messages
  • Leadership and Youth Forums/Development
  • The Calling newsletter — Weekly Activities, important Articles etc.
  • United Worship and Thanksgiving Service (Monthly or Quarterly)

Retreat Center/Conferences — United States

  • New York — NY Theological Seminary & Beverley College
    • Global City Conference NYTS
    • African Diaspora Leadership Conference NYTS
    • NYTS Seminary Programs in Ghana/Conference
  • New Jersey — Drew University
  • San Francisco — Picture Gallery
  • Detroit — Picture Gallery
  • Connecticut — picture Gallery


  • London England — Conference on Jewly
  • Israel — Conference, Picture Gallery
  • Turkey — Seminar, Visit to Christ. Historical Site, ie Ephesus, Coliseum


  • Ghana — NYTS Conferences and Retreats, Asafosa Festival, Picture Gal.
  • Nigeria — Conference John Babalola University Research
  • South Africa — Unisa Conference — Picture Gallery

Church Missions and Project Development Work
Galleries — Design/Construction

  • The CupZ Lounge and Cafe, Woodbury NJ — Design Development
  • Christ Apostolic Church, Queens NY — Design/Pre/Post Construction
  • Bethel Presbyterian Reformed Church — Renovation Work
  • House of The Lord Church, Brooklyn NY — Design/Install Air Condition Syst.
  • Wayside Baptist Church, Brooklyn NY — Design/Install Air Condition System
  • Evening Star Baptist Church, Brooklyn NY — Renovation/Restoration Work
  • Temple Biblico Church, Harlem NY — Design Construct Consultant
  • Manhattan Presbyterian Church, Harlem NY — Design Development Consultant


  • Bethel Presbyterian reformed Church Revivals at Flatbush Avenue
  • Canarsie Reformed Church Revivals in Brooklyn
  • Programs at Presbyterian Church in Akropong, Eastern Region, Ghana
  • Grace Presbyterian Church, Akropong Ghana Revivals

TIDAC — Research in African Culture and Christianity (see www.tidac.org)

Religion and Spirituality Research

Leadership Project — The African Diaspora

E-mail us at TheCenterConnect
or call us at 718-930-0086

See a Selection of Meditations.

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See TIDAC — The Institute for Diasporan and African Culture