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TIDAC was established to serve all who wish to gain a richer knowledge of both the historical and contemporary religious practices in West Africa and across the African Diaspora. The Institute was founded to foster the academic study of African religious and cultural traditions and their relationships, to develop a deep appreciation for the great diversity of traditions and cultures, and to understand how these traditions and cultures enhance our faith.


Through its classes, workshops, lectures, and seminars, TIDAC provides a forum for scholars, teachers, students, ministers, and laypersons to share in that study and increase their knowledge of traditional African religions and their historic and contemporary expression.

At its Center in Akropong, Ghana, TIDAC facilitates interaction between persons from a wide variety of locations whose interests center upon West Africa. The Institute offers programs in the study of religion, theology, ministry, and vocational fields. In addition, TIDAC offers a variety of seminars, lectures, and academic and church programs at its Center at Akropong as well as in other locations—Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Botswana, England, and Turkey—all of which serve Ghanaians and other Africans and nationals throughout the world.

Studies at TIDAC

At its Akropong Center, TIDAC offers a course of study leading to a certificate that combines theological education and pastoral training with vocational skills from such fields as the building and construction trades, hospitality, and medical services. Interested persons should contact TIDAC for further information on this program.

TIDAC also offers referrals for a Master of Divinity degree for those who have already obtained a Bachelors degree and wish to pursue ministerial training, and a Doctor of Ministry program for those who have obtained a Master of Divinity degree and wish to pursue further specialized training in a variety of research and minsterial fields in other parts of the world.

Our Mission

The Institute’s mission is to facilitate interactive learning and study by scholars, teachers, ministers, and historians of the African Diaspora and other African traditions and world religions. Our vision is to develop an in-depth awareness of cultures and their relationships to deepen the faith of those who have dedicated themselves to religious service.

Commencement at NYTS 2010

Daniel Nyante receives his Doctor of Ministry from
New York Theological Seminary at The Riverside Church on May 15, 2010.

Pictured are: Dr. Mercy Oduyoye, Director of Institute of Women and Religion, Trinity College, Ghana; Rev. Dr. Felix Busby, Pastor of Canarsie Reformed Church in Brooklyn, New York; Rev. Dr. Dan Nyante; Professor Kofi Asare Opoku, Professor at African University, Accra, Ghana; and Rev Cecilia Loving, Pastor Spiritmuv, New York.

An Excellence in Ministry Award is given to a Doctor of Ministry Candidate for a
Demonstration Project that makes a significant contribution to the theory and practice
of ministry—in 2010 awarded to Dee Kwam Lim and Daniel Nyante.

Pictured are: Rev. Dr. Dale Irvin, President of NYTS; Rev. Dr. Dee Kwan Lim; Rev. Dr. Dan Nyante;
and Rev. Dr. Keith Russell, Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program.